I was given my first ‘real bra’ at the age of twelve. This was seen as a real coming of age in my family, and was a day I’d waited for; the day I transitioned from being a girl into a woman. The women in my family all wore this garment and I wanted more than anything to be like those women; strong in character and spirit. The bra was a long line style, almost like a corset, it was functional and gave a great shape – which was all important, but it was never really attractive. All the women in my family wore and continue to wear this style of bra, we all love the bra and the shape it gives under clothing, but to be perfectly honest it never really fit me well, and I found out over time that it has never really fit most of the women in my family and my female friends.

As much as I loved the shape this gave I hated how uncomfortable this ‘womanly’ garment felt and looked.


I have spent time talking about bras with the women in my family and friends, it’s amazing how everyone opens up when we start talking bras, and more amazing that almost everyone feels the same way as I do. We are all looking for a bra that fits and is comfortable to wear whilst giving great shape under clothing. We all want something pretty and feminine that works for women blessed with a little more in the boob department! We all want what I call the Scarletta bra.


Scarletta is fresh and flirtatious, and has a cheeky side. Scarletta embraces the vintage glamour of silver screen heroines and icons, and brings that inspiration up to date with a contemporary collection of styles for today’s woman. Scarletta offers something new for the woman who refuses to be confined to the stereotypical styles available on the high street for her size range.


I like to think there’s a little bit of Scarletta in every woman, from the little girl taking her first steps to womanhood, to her grandmother who has been for many years the pillar of the family and home.

Scarletta is designed and fitted in London, and is offered in a wide size range encompassing 30D to 42H. I am strong, I am fun, I am fearless, I am sexy, I am Scarletta.